Meet the Inventor

Timothy Scott Stuart has a background in the educational toy world.  A merchandiser, designer, product developer and outsourcer for manufacturing in Asia, he created Unit Bricks, Inc. in 2005, a toy company which creates developmental STEM toys for kids of all ages.  Timothy also owns UB Design, which designs interiors, restaurants and other buildings. He has also designed indoor playspaces for McDonald’s corporation.


He found himself in a situation where he needed a hammer and all he could find was a rock. From that rock, and through many iterations, he designed what is now Hammer Fist.  The first versions were made of carved wood, then welded, then cast.  He added many accessories, and the adaptive grip that allows anyone to hold it comfortably.  The product name is derived from the Hammer Fist Strike in martial arts.


Timothy also works for Teak Decking Systems and travels all over the world, which is something he is accustomed to, as he has lived all over the world.  He was born in Japan and grew up in DC.  He went to university in the south of France, and also lived in Belgium for many years.  He was trained as a chef in Belgium and France before discovering his true talents in toy and product design.   He now lives with his wife, Asya, in Florida with their three young children.